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Lawn Maintenance & Garden Services

LawnTech’s lawn and garden services cover all your seasonal yard needs.

Lawn, Garden & Property Services

Lawn Mowing

Keep your grass fresh and healthy with our weekly lawn mowing service which includes mowing, trimming, edging, cleaning sidewalks and driveways. The importance of a regularly scheduled mowing service is one of the three critical components to maintaining the appearance, health and vigor of your lawn. It is equally important that your mower blades are sharp and are properly adjusted to cut 1 3/4 – 2″ in height.


Nothing is better for your lawn than aerating your grass 2 to 3 times per season, Spring, early Summer and Fall. Aeration controls and prevents water run-off, dry spots and certain diseases. It also stimulates root growth by allowing water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the grass roots.


Fertilization is one of the three keys to having a beautiful lawn. Our program entails 6 regularly scheduled fertilizations and 2 core aerations beginning in March and extending through October. Includes: pre-emergent in Spring, seasonal nutrients every 4-6 weeks including wetting agents with extra iron in June and July and weed control as needed.


LawnTech’s landscaping services are a great way to add dimension and depth to your yard. Our landscape architects will come and work with you closely to get the lawn and garden you’ve always dreamed of!

Each Spring weeds begin to rear their ugly heads up through garden areas. Our team will remove weeds, amend the soil and add mulch to keep your gardens healthy and looking its best.
Spring and summer are the time to rejuvenate the look of your lawn. Lawn technicians will tear out the old sod, prepare the soil and install new sod for your home or office.
Tree Planting
Looking to add some foliage to your yard? Look no further! LawnTech will plant any type of tree or shrubbery you’d like.
Haven’t had those hedges or bushes trimmed in a while? Are they beginning to look overgrown, spilling over sidewalks, fences or roofs? Technicians will prune and shape hedges, shrubs and small trees to make them not only look better but improve their overall health and longevity.
Roof & Gutter Cleaning
The winter months bring accumulation of debris in gutters and down spouts which can lead to standing water that can damage your foundation or cause mold problems. Our technicians will clean out gutters and down spouts to ensure proper drainage keeping water flowing away from the foundation of your home.
Snow Removal

Sleep in an extra hour by not having to fight through the cold and snow outside. We will shovel your walkways, sidewalks and driveways of residential homes. We also provide snow plowing services for commercial parking lots, walkways and sidewalks. We will even clean off your car.

Leaf Removal

When Fall comes around nature goes through it necessary but beautiful changes and leaves it all over your yard. Let us do the hard work and get that yard clean again for you and your family.

Pet Waste Removal

Do you have dogs? We do too. In fact, we have three. We love dogs and we have the staff to clean your yard of all dog waste prior to each week’s mowing. The service is as low as $10/per dog per week.

Power Raking

Power raking removes the naturally occurring accumulation of dead grass and root material called thatch.

Tree Trimming Services

Improve the appearance, health and growth of your trees while diminishing weak, dead or diseased branches with our tree trimming services. We trim and remove trees of all sizes to include stump removal.