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Denver Lawn Care

Your home is your kingdom. It should be a place of sanctuary, not endless to-do lists. And when at work, you need to be focused on the job – not making your space appears professional. At LawnTech we take our lawn care and cleaning services very seriously, knowing that the outcome impacts our client’s lives; and making sure that it’s a positive one.

We have been in the lawn care and home care services business since 1977, and we apply these four-plus decades of expertise to every project we take on. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, we value quality work and customer satisfaction. We get the job done right, efficiently, as well as affordable. And our trustworthy team ensures that it’s completed with professionalism and friendly service, done in a way that’s eco-friendly.

And you can also rely on us – if any concerns do arise, know they will be addressed promptly and with attention to detail. We know that providing exceeding customer service is key to running a successful business. Providing all of our clients with quality work on a weekly basis is our goal, we aim for quality at every turn.

Denver’s Full Service Lawn Care and Maintenance

We are masters of lawn care maintenance in Denver, offering: lawn mowing, aeration, maintenance, fertilizing, landscaping, and more. We partner with quality local professionals and our staff is professionally trained and certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. In addition to providing Denver with superior lawn care services, we also provide: roof and gutter cleaning, power raking, general clean-up, as well as the removal of snow, leaves, and pet waste.

Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or come from the commercial sphere; you can trust us to get the job done right. Let go of worries and know the peace of a well-kept environment, call LawnTech today at (303)-322-6272

Expertise You Can Trust

Hiring someone to care for your home or office is different than hiring a business to design a website. When people are caring for the spaces where you have your most treasured family memories and professional milestones, it’s important to hire a team that knows trustworthiness is a crucial part of the job.

LawnTech is a locally-owned, family-operated company that has proudly served the Denver community for over 40 years. We were started by Greg Hegarty in 1977, who is now joined by his wife Sherry; and their sons, Joe, Christian, Travis, and Jonny who are active in the day-to day-operations of the company. And the rest of our staff is truly an extension of the Hegarty family, we believe this is essential to our decades of success.

Another key factor to our success is commitment to training and professionalism. We are, of course, licensed and insured as well as being eco-friendly. Our staff is also professionally trained and certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Additionally, we partner with Green Industries of Colorado, AGFINITY, Pioneer Sand Company, ScienTurfic, and Alameda Wholesale Nursery to offer you industry-leading products and services.

When you hire LawnTech, you’re hiring a trusted team that cares. We want you to enjoy your beautiful, professionally manicured home and garden; without any worry of how it came to look so good. Our customer service philosophy is to put your needs first as a client, and it shows.

As a final act of trustworthiness, we guarantee total satisfaction on all services.

Denver Lawn Care Services

At LawnTech we know that lawn maintenance is so much more than running the lawn mower sporadically. We are passionate about lawn care services and have been learning the tricks of the trade for over 40 years. As a result, we offer a specially curated and expansive range of lawn services. Maintaining the appearance, health and vigor of your lawn requires special care in Denver’s arid climate – let us handle it.

Lawn Mowing

Keep your grass fresh and healthy with our weekly lawn mowing service. This inclusive service includes mowing, trimming, and edging, as well as cleaning sidewalks and driveways.

Aeration: Aeration controls and prevents water run-off, dry spots and certain diseases. It also stimulates root growth by allowing water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the grass roots.


We know that fertilization is key to having a beautiful lawn, and our intensive and careful plan ensures that it’s done right, from pre-emergent phases down to weed control.

Lawn Aeration

Prevent water runoff, dry spots and stimulate root growth with lawn aeration. 2 times per year will allow water, nutrients, and oxygetn to reach the grassroots.


Our landscape architects will work with you to add dimension and depth to your yard, creating the lawn and garden you’ve always envisioned!


This year when spring weeds begin to rear their ugly heads, call on team LawnTech to remove them, amend the soil, and add mulch to keep your gardens healthy and looking their best.


Lawn technicians will tear out the old sod at your home or office, prepare the soil, and install new sod.

Tree Planting

Looking to add some foliage to your yard? Look no further! LawnTech will plant any type of tree or shrubbery you’d like.


Are your hedges or bushes beginning to look overgrown, spilling over sidewalks, fences or roofs? Technicians will prune and shape hedges, shrubs, and small trees to make them not only look better but improve their overall health and longevity.

…But we’re so much more. 

In addition to providing Denver with superior lawn care services, we also provide: roof and gutter cleaning, power raking, general clean-up, as well as the removal of snow, leaves, and pet waste.

You can rely on LawnTech to provide the feeling of peace and tranquility known when entering your freshly cleaned home or office. Your time is so important, we’ll help you find balance with it; allowing you to focus on the things that are important to you.

We’re also happy to work with your individual needs, schedules, and lifestyles; offering customized cleaning packages so we can serve you best.

Get Started Today

When you partner with LawnTech, you’re getting thoughtful care that’s been honed with experience since 1977. Winter, spring, summer, or fall – we are here to keep your grass green, garden thriving, yard leaf-free, and your driveway clear of snow. 

You deserve an environment that you love to work and live in. Contact us today to get started.

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